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We are a company of dreamers and innovators. Our mission is to solve problems for people using technology that is easy to interact with. NRS Systems stands for Not Rocket Science. In every product, the goal is to take something that sounds complicated and make it work for a small to medium sized business. We Help business owners who don’t consider themselves to be enterprise customers by bringing technical innovations to non-technical users.

  • 2016

    Product Development

    NRS Systems begins work on three products: an accounting software package, a time clock system, and a web-based display. Over the course of 6 months, NRS Systems realizes that pure software accounting solutions is a tough market to get into. The time clock is more successful, but the break out star is the web-based display.

  • Q1 2017

    MERCURY Arrives

    In March of 2017, NRS Systems attends the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas. NRS Systems acquires its first group of resellers and distributors including McMaster-Carr.

  • Q2 2017

    Back to the Drawing Board

    NRS Systems receives feedback from customers and resellers that would make MERCURY better. After a planning session, the development team realizes that the Android operating system is not going to meet the needs of customers. A year long plan to create a new OS is designed.

  • Q3 2017

    Accidentally on Purpose

    While sharing MERCURY’s capabilities with a security consultant, the suggestion is made that NRS Systems should consider how to use MERCURY for life safety situations. MERCURY has the ability to use a business logic function to interrupt and display critical information. If this process could be tied to a physical trigger, instead of a logical one, what could be done? NRS Systems meets with local Police, Fire, and Emergency Management teams to raise this question. A Beta test is planned to test use cases with local manufacturing and healthcare facilities.

  • Q1 2018

    A New Cause

    A day after the school shooting at Margery Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the NRS Systems leadership team sits down. Over the course of a few hours, the team comes to the conclusion that if NRS Systems has technology that can save children’s lives in schools, then there is an obligation to prevent cost from being a factor in adopting this technology. NRS Systems meets with security consultants, Police officers, School Resource Officers, Educational Service Districts, Principals, Teachers, and parents to get feedback. A business plan is put together and the request for beta testing partners is put out.

  • Q2 2018

    Consumer Level Care

    While developing the emergency alerting product, one of the NRS Systems leadership teams asks, “How else could we activate an alarm?” Using a voice command through Alexa devices seems like a logical solution. It’s decided to test the consumer market for a voice activated family notification system. Preparation begins to launch a Kickstarter to test the response from people looking to help their parents.


Think of all the information in your company that you wish employees could see: inventory, key performance indicators, safety reminders, compliance posters, and operational information. NRS Systems is the proud creator of the MERCURY employee digital display. MERCURY allows businesses to keep important information in front of employee’s throughout the day. Designed in a manufacturing environment, MERCURY is a tool for sharing information in one building or multiple countries.


Whether its an internal or external website, MERCURY can display and scroll through your pages.


Upload customer logos, product, marketing, or company culture pieces. MERCURY works with any image file type.


Scroll through posters, press releases, or any other PDF document.


Alert employees to the start and end of breaks with the integrated countdown timers. Automate the days since lost time counter with a digital version.


MERCURY supports YouTube streaming for any video content.

Instant View

Interrupt what MERCURY is doing with an instant view. Show a visiting customers logo, display a real time report, or alert the campus of an event.

HDMI Input

MERCURY uses HDMI to plug into any monitors or TV’s in a business. Change out your existing system or create a new network with TV’s you already own.

Wired or Wireless

Use either a wired or wireless internet connection for MERCURY. If the network cable is there, great! If you have Wi-Fi coverage, great!

Web-Based Management

Setup, configure, and manage MERCURY from our website. Control your entire company from your laptop or phone.


Each MERCURY device can be told to run a separate schedule or playlist. Keep consistency across every building or customize when employees on different shifts receive different messages.

Use Cases

MERCURY is a multi purpose tool. The examples below are just some of the industries and use cases that customers have shared with NRS Systems. Are you looking for a simple digital signage solution? Are you looking for a complex multi campus network for keeping employees informed? MERCURY can be applied in a variety of businesses.


All NRS Systems products are available through our partner network. We will be happy to connect you with a local partner that can service and install NRS Systems products for you.

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